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In general dentistry, the practice focuses on treating common dental concerns like gum disease and screenings for oral cancer. Our general dentistry services at Dental Designers in Belaire are among the best in the area. With a personalized, relaxed atmosphere, our exceptional team at Dental Designers is here to help you with your biannual cleaning, cavity filling, or dental hygienist needs. You can make an appointment today by calling or scheduling online.

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General dentistry: what does it entail?

Dental cleanings, cancer screenings, and oral examinations and procedures are all part of general dentistry. You can visit Dental Designers For:

>Dental cleanings that are thorough and professional
>Fillings that match the color of your teeth
>Inlays and onlays made of porcelain
>Dental crowns and bridges
>Dental bonding
>Periodontal and gingivitis treatment
>Extraction of wisdom teeth
>Treatment with root canals
>Treatments for periodontitis

You should consider Dental Designers as your primary dental care provider for achieving optimal oral health. Besides advising you on how to maintain your teeth and gums at home, the team provides you with advice on how to maintain them throughout your lifetime.

How do periodontal therapies work?

Treatments for periodontal disease aim to restore healthy tissue to the mouth. In the absence of effective treatment for periodontal disease, your gums can lose teeth and even bone in your jaw. If you have gingivitis or advanced gum disease, the highly trained general dentistry team at Dental Designers, including board-certified periodontist Dr. Ghattas, provides periodontal therapies to restore your gums.

>Periodontal therapies may include:
>The removal of tartar beneath your gumline by scaling and root planing
>The replacement of decayed gum tissue with gum grafts
>The use of lasers to remove plaque and tartar is very comfortable
>A crown lengthening procedure
>Dental implants

In addition to restoring your mouth to a healthier state, periodontal therapies can prevent dental plaque buildup from causing gum disease. For the longest-lasting results, you’ll need to maintain a good oral hygiene routine at home between dental visits.

How does an oral cancer screening work?

To detect early signs of cancer, your dentist conducts an oral cancer screening as part of your routine cleaning and exam. Checking for red or white patches inside your mouth or sores is as simple as having your dentist thoroughly examine your mouth. In addition to checking for lumps and other abnormalities, your dentist will also feel the soft tissue in your mouth.

Our friendly team at Dental Designers provides you with the highest standard of dental care, so call or schedule an appointment online today if you’re looking for a general dentist’s office where you won’t feel rushed.


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